Brain vasculature

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Single dataset showing a large array of arteries (and some veins) in the brain. Right hand side is highly detailed, left hand side more simple segmentation showing divisions of the major arteries. 7T MRI TOF.

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Following structures are identified:

1. Paraopthalmic part of right internal carotid artery
2. Posterior communicating part of right internal carotid artery
3. Anterior choroidal part of the right internal carotid artery
4. Right carotid terminus
5. Right M1
6. Right posterior communicating artery
7. Right P1
8. Right P2
9. Left P1
10. Left posterior communicating artery
11. Left P2
12. Right A1
13. Anterior communicating artery (partially fenestrated, variant)
14. Right A2
15. Left paraopthalmic part of the internal carotid
16. Left opthalmic artery
17. Left posterior communicating part of the internal carotid
18. Left anterior choroidal artery part of the internal carotid
19. Left carotid terminus
20. Left A1
21. Left A2
22. Right opthalmic artery
23. Left M1
24. Right anterior choroidal artery
25. Right posteromedial central arteries
26. Right superior cerebellar artery
27. Right paramedian artery branch
28. Left anterior choroidal artery
29. Right medial frontobasal artery
30. Left medial orbitofrontal artery
31. Left polar frontal artery
32. Right polar frontal artery
33. Left pericallosal artery
34. Left callosomarginal artery (A3/4)
35. Right callosomarginal artery (A3/4)
36. Right anterior internal frontal artery
37. Left anterior internal frontal artery
38. Right intermediate internal frontal artery
39. Left intermediate internal frontal artery
40. Basilar artery
41. Insular segment of the right middle cerebral artery
42. Insular branches of the left middle cerebral artery (M3/M4)
43. Right lenticolstriate arteries
44. Left posteromedial central arteries
45. Right anterior insular part of middle cerebral artery (M2/M3/M4)
46. Right middle meningeal artery
47. Right prefrontal artery
48. Right artery of precentral gyrus
49. Right artery of central sulcus
50. Right polar temporal artery
51. Right temporal branch
52. Right anterior temporal artery branch
53. Right middle temporal artery branch
54. Right posterior parietal artery
55. Right posterior temporal artery branch of the MCA
56. Right parietal branches of the middle cerebral artery
57. Right posterior insular part of the middle cerebral artery
58. Right superior terminal branch of the middle cerebral artery
59. Superior sagittal sinus
60. Right posterior temporal branches of the PCA
61. Right medial occipital artery
62. Right precuneal branches
63. Right calcarine branches
64. Right parietooccipital branches
65. Left P3
66. Left P4/P5
67. Left M2-branches
68. Left M3/M4
69. Right parietal cortical branches of the insular part of the middle
cerebral artery
70. Right superior cerebellar artery (duplication, variant)
71. Left superior cerebellar artery
72. Left lenticulostriate arteries
73. Right lateral frontobasal artery
74. Left middle meningeal artery

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