Vasculature of the abdomen

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Single case with near-total segmentation of important vascular structures in the abdomen, 43 labels in total. This case contains a few but not uncommon variants. Great teaching example.

The following vascular structures are identified:

1.Inferior vena cava
2.Left common iliac artery
3.Right common iliac artery
4. Aorta
5. Coeliac trunk
6. Common hepatic artery
7. Gastroduodenal artery
8. Hepatic artery proper
9. Right hepatic artery
10. Left hepatic artery
11. Left gastric artery
12. Right gastric artery
13. Splenic artery
14. Portal vein
15. Right portal vein
16. Left portal vein
17. Superior mesenteric vein
18. Left gonadal vein
19. Right gonadal vein
20. Inferior mesenteric vein
21. Splenic vein
22. Short gastric veins
23. Jejunal branches of the superior mesenteric vein
24. Left renal vein
25. Right renal vein
26. Superior mesenteric artery
27. Right renal artery
28. Left renal artery
29. Left ascending lumbar vein
30. Hemiazygos vein
31. Azygos vein
32. Separate segment 5/6 vein (variant)
33. Right hepatic vein (segment 7 only here, variant)
34. Middle hepatic vein
35. Left hepatic vein
36. Ileal branches of the superior mesenteric vein
37. Superior posterior pancreaticoduodenal vein
38. Right colic vein
39. Right gastroepiploic vein
40. Middle colic vein
41. Inferior mesenteric artery
42. Pancreaticoduodenal veins (plexus)
43. Right common iliac vein

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