Vasculature of the neck

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Single dataset showing major arteries and veins in the neck. For educational purposes. Dataset obtained from TCIA.

Following structures are identified:

1. Brachiocephalic trunk
2. Common carotid artery
3. Internal carotid artery
4. External carotid artery
5. Subclavian artery
6. Vertebral artery
7. Basilar artery
8. Internal jugular vein
9. Brachiocephalic vein
10. Subclavian vein
11. External jugular vein
12. Posterior auricular vein
13. Retromandibular vein (posterior branch)
14. Facial vein
15. Transverse cervical veins
16. Superficial temporal veins
17. Middle temporal vein
18. Deep superficial veins
19. Retromandibular vein (anterior branch)

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