Vasculature of the pelvis

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Case from Medical Segmentation Decathlon.

Nearly all vascular structures of the pelvis. 74 labels. Not all structures are shown on both sides. A few interesting and not uncommon anatomical variants.

The following vascular structures are identified:

1. Aorta
2. Right common iliac artery
3. Left common iliac artery
4. Left external iliac artery
5. Right external iliac artery
6. Inferior mesenteric artery
7. Inferior vena cava
8. Right common iliac vein
9. Left common iliac vein
10. Right external iliac vein
11. Left external iliac vein
12. Right inferior epigastric artery
13. Left inferior epigastric artery
14. Right internal iliac artery
15. Left internal iliac artery
16. Middle sacral artery
17. Right deep circumflex iliac artery
18. Left deep circumflex iliac artery
19. Right superficial epigastric vein(s)
20. Left superficial epigastric vein(s)
21. Right common femoral artery
22. Left common femoral artery
23. Right common femoral vein
24. Left common femoral vein
25. Right gonadal vein (double/fenestration, variant)
26. Left gonadal vein
27. Right great saphenous vein
28. Left great saphenous vein
29. Right deep femoral vein
30. Right internal iliac vein
31. Right superior gluteal vein
32. Right inferior gluteal vein
33. Right inferior vesical veins
34. Right obturator veins
35. Right femoral artery
36. Right deep femoral artery
37. Left femoral artery
38. Left deep femoral artery
39. Right femoral vein
40. Left femoral vein
41. Right pubic veins
42. Right internal pudendal artery and vein
43. Right obturator artery
44. Right inferior gluteal artery
45. Left internal iliac vein
46. Left superior gluteal vein
47. Left ureter
48. Right ureter
49. Left inferior gluteal vein
50. Left internal pudendal artery and vein
51. Left inferior vesical veins
52. Left obturator artery
53. Left obturator veins
54. Left superior gluteal artery
55. Left inferior gluteal artery
56. Right epigastric vein
57. Left epigastric vein
58. Superior rectal artery
59. Left colic artery
60. Superior sigmoid artery (Part of the sigmoid branches)
61. Superior rectal vein (with branches)
62. Sigmoid veins
63. Inferior mesenteric vein
64. Vesical plexus vein branch (only left side shown)
65. Inferior rectal veins
66. Right inferior rectal veins
67. Left inferior rectal vein
68. Left colic vein
69. Middle sacral vein
70. Left sacral veins
71. Left lateral circumflex vein
72. Left lateral circumflex artery
73. Right lateral circumflex artery
74. Descending branch of the right lateral circumflex artery

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